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Our Web Portfolio
Here are some of the sites that we have created over the years. All site designs are copyright © their original owners. We are displaying these designs for your information only. No sensitive information is present in our portfolio.

Takasaki.netTakasaki.Net (Version 3)
A major redesign of the Takasaki.net website was needed, as the site was beginning to show its age. Also incorporated a dramatic new Loudness homepage.

Takasaki.Net (Version 2)
A minor refresh of the Takasaki.net website.

American Employee Leasing - Intranet
In this design, I was attempting to convey a productive Corporate atmosphere. Notice how the front page has very clean, efficient menus to take Corporate users quickly into the tools they are attempting to use. When logged in, additional information specific to the user's department is displayed below the main menu.

Takasaki.Net (Version 1)
This site was designed to convey information about Akira Takasaki, and his band Loudness.

Pensacola Junior College
This copy of the website is somewhat incomplete. I have not been able to locate all of the original graphics for the site at this time, and what I have, I pulled from an earlier demo of the site. My apologies that this is so rough around the edges. I intended the site to have a somewhat peaceful, relaxed collegiate atmosphere to it, while still remaining informative. Notice that none of the links on the site are functional at this time.

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