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libCxClient: The Citadel/UX Extensible Client SDK
Copyright © 2000, Flaming Sword Productions
Copyright © 2001, The Citadel/UX Consortium

libCxClient is the standard development kit for creating Citadel/UX client applications. It provides the developer with a standardized and simple method for interacting with the Citadel/UX Communications Server. As far as testing indicates, libCxClient is completely thread-safe, and should allow the developer to maintain parallel Citadel/UX connections seamlessly.

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Minor bugfixes in the Message and Room modules.

This contains a major bugfix in the Express Messaging and Asynchronous Communication subsystems.

The 0.20-RELEASE made some changes to the API to simplify things significantly.

The 0.10-RELEASE was the first thread-safe libCxClient release, and it provided for multiple concurrent Citadel/UX connections.

Download Binaries
0.21-RELEASE FreeBSD/i386 package
0.20-RELEASE FreeBSD/i386 package
0.10-RELEASE FreeBSD/i386 package

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