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KSplash/ML (MacLike)
Copyright © 2001-2003, Flaming Sword Productions
All Rights Reserved, under provisions contained in LICENSE

KSplash/ML is now an integrated part of KDE, and is now maintained by Ravikiran Rajagopal. The official KSplash/ML website is located at:


The following themes have been ported to Ravi's optimized ThemeEngine library. If they had not previously worked with your KDE desktop, they ought to work now.

Contributed ThemeEngines
As I mentioned above, KSplash/ML supports third-party splash screen engines now. This means that your splash screen can literally look however you want it to, with a minimum of effort. I will provide an example for developers to use as a guideline.

Remember that these are binary programs. You will need to configure, compile, and install them on your computer in the same manner as any other program, before you will be able to make use of them.

KSplash2k 1.01 (Download)
Author: Brian Ledbetter
A Windows 2000-like ThemeEngine.

KSplash/X 1.01 (Download)
Author: Brian Ledbetter
A Mac OS X-inspired ThemeEngine.

Contributed Themes
You can install Themes into KSplash/ML by using the "Install New Theme..." button in the KSplash/ML Control Center Module. Theme files are simply special tar files, which contain one or more subdirectories holding your theme(s). KSplash/ML uses a few special files to manage the theme, and present it to you in a logical manner. Please see the EXAMPLE theme archives for hints on how to put together a KSplash/ML theme. I will accept new themes at any time, provided that they are archived in an acceptable manner prior to being sent to me.

Extra Themes (Download)
Includes: Coffee, CrystalAqua, Graaf (pictured), kSplashFlat, kSplashRing, and ModSplash
Author: Various
Compiled from KDE-Look by Brian. This example theme shows that you can package MORE THAN ONE theme in a Theme File.

DeLorean (Download)
Author: Brian Ledbetter
The graphics on this theme are courtesy DeLorean Motor Company.

Viper Power (Download)
Author: nXtlak
Compiled from ThemeXP by me.

Crystal (Download)
Author: Everaldo
Contributed by Omar Amas.

xpAnime (Download)
Author: Bert Speckles

Landskape (Download)
Author: Joerg Gastner

Costello (Download)
Author: Sascha Zucca

This program was written by:

  • Brian Ledbetter
    Lead Developer
  • Jone Marius Vignes
    Jone has contributed LOTS of code to this project, including "Bouncing Icons" support.
  • Zaufi
    Bugfix patch, early releases
  • Matthew Altus
    Fixed XINERAMA support in WndSplash, assuming I haven't gone back and broken it again.
  • Peter Simonsson
    Pointed out some glitches in my 0.91-R headers. Ack!
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