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The Infusion Project

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What Is Infusion?
Infusion is a cross-platform communications environment which is designed to work with the
Citadel/UX Communications Server. Infusion provides enterprise environments with a robust communication and collaboration tool, which has a feel that most office users are already familiar with (namely, Microsoft Outlook). It supports e-mail messaging (and is even internet-ready!), live chatting between users, popup sticky notes, and a shared contact list, currently. Many more features are on the way!

The Citadel/UX Communications Server provides your enterprise with a powerful communications system, which connects all of your employees (in the office and on the road) to each other. Citadel/UX provides many similar features to the Microsoft Exchange server, but does not cost a thing to run! For more details, please go to the Citadel/UX homepage.

Supported Platforms
Infusion will run on any platform to which libCxClient, Qt 2.2, and KDE 2.0 have been ported to.

Latest Changes: (Release 0.61)

  • Improved DCOP communications layer in infusiond (The Infusion Daemon).
    • Can now obtain folder index and message list
    • Can deliver messages via dcop
    • Can load Sticky Notes via dcop
    • Rewrote DCOP layer in a more KDE-standard way (but the whole object schema for infusiond still needs work...)
  • Improved user interface.
    • Concentrated on making the WndMain::View menu more functional.
    • User Interface now saves the position and visibility of every item in WndMain, hopefully allowing users to customize Infusion to meet their needs a little bit better.
  • Removed KOrganizer code. Am working on incorporating its KParts object... (Not perfect yet)
  • Significantly improved operating speed.
    • Many elements are cached, greatly improving refreshes and other annoying hangs in previous versions.
  • Cleaned up the code somewhat (still needs plenty 'o work...)
  • Added more extensive cache management subsystem, to help Infusion become MUCH more responsive to general navigation. It isn't perfect yet, and it may eat up gobs of memory, but I hope that it eventually proves to make Infusion work better.
  • Tried to make infusiond DCOP interface compatible with as broad a range of 2.x KDE systems as possible. This precluded the use of the "long unsigned int" type (at least, until I figger out what the KDCOP construct for it is... ;)
  • Working on creating a rudimentary Contacts list. This is much harder than it sounds! Zounds! :)

    Help Wanted!
    If you wish to contribute to the Infusion project, I could use any help you have to offer! Specifically:

  • Anyone have a good suggestion/design for the Infusion project homepage?
  • Looking for users to submit RPMS of Infusion for Linux (or binaries for any platform, for that matter!)

    E-mail me with any suggestions. :)

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